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"Since the session I have felt more joyful and lighter than ever. I have also recovered a lot of energy and am more efficient in my daily life. All this thanks to the support of Fred who guided me with a very great kindness and real empathy in recognizing and releasing my locked emotions. One session is worth several years of psychotherapy! A huge thank you."


"Very relevant. Gentle approach and great support to reconcile with yourself. I totally recommend."

Matteo A.M.

"I had a very good session with Fred, it is not like a normal psychotherapy. He drives you gently to the point where it started hurting. And the process of healing is just fantastic." 
Afi S.

"From the beginning, I felt that Fred provided a safe space where I could easily talk. The session flowed very naturally. With his help, we encountered different difficult situations in my life and addressed them we reintegrated in a very subtle way.
The results of this positive and gentle therapy are impressive and I can recommend Fred to you without reservation."

Heidi H.

"This gentle technique allowed me to free myself from a traumatic event that dates back 40 years ago. I feel at peace with this story. Not just a relief but an opportunity to go further.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Fred." 

Marie H. 

"End the traumas of the past, feel at peace, finally live in the present moment. All my life I have worked to achieve this state of harmony.

I am happy to have dared this approach and I thank Frédéric for his professionalism and the gentleness with which he accompanied me."

Martine M.

"Very interesting, deep and compassionate approach. Very different from all the other methods I have tried and much more profound. I think it is definitely worth a try. Fred is an excellent guide throughout the process. He has the rare ability to create an atmosphere of trust and safety. Highly recommended!”

Martyna K.

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Route de Taillepied 117, 1095 Lutry, next to Lausanne. 
Also via Skype, Whatsapp, Signal or Messenger 

077 425 15 75

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