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Relieve stress, anxiety and other symptoms that are a source of discomfort

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Soothe emotional difficulties quickly with Maïeusthésie. 

Discover Maïeusthésie, a therapy that gently helps you to consider your emotional and affective feelings. This approach soothes emotional and psychosomatic pain and blockages by resolving past cleavages.

Maïeusthésie is beneficial for everyone, adults, children and adolescents, particularly in the following situations

-anxiety, anguish, depression,
-stress and post-traumatic stress,
-burn-out, isolation,
-teenage crises,
-difficulties with break-ups and bereavement,
-anger towards oneself and others,
-difficulties in relationships,
-behavioural difficulties,
-feelings of being misunderstood or unconsidered,
-crises at different stages of life.

By understanding that the inner states that are difficult to live with require our attention, Maïeusthésie helps us to fully recognise what, within ourselves, requires our attention and to give it full consideration. This is followed by inner restorations that enable blocked emotions to be released, symptoms to disappear and a deep feeling of calm to be achieved.

Sessions last from 1h30 to 2 hours and can be done individually, as a couple or as a family. Discover Maïeusthésie to rediscover a deep feeling of well-being. 

Sessions on site, or online via Sykpe, Whatsapp or Signal.



Route de Taillepied 117, 1095 Lutry, next to Lausanne
Also via Skype, Whatsapp, Signal or Messenger 

077 425 15 75

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